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Maadeva Lyrics ( ಕನ್ನಡ ) – Popcorn monkey tiger – super cine lyrics

 Maadeva Lyrics – Popcorn monkey tiger

Maadeva song details – Popcorn monkey tiger

  • Song : Maadeva 
  • Music : Charan Raj
  • Singer : Sanjith Hegde, HanuManKind and Charan Raj 
  • Lyricist : Ritwik Kaikini and HanuManKind
  • Movie : Popcorn monkey tiger

Maadeva Song lyrics in Kannada – Popcorn monkey tiger 

ಮಾದೇವ ಲಿರಿಕ್ಸ್

ಓ empty now 

We’re flying down the peak

Spinning drifting away 

Away from me 

Tear the shade off the sunlight 


Put the moon on to speed dial ಮಾದೇವ

Pick the axe when you got the choice ಮಾದೇವ

Cut the tree when the fruit is ripe ಮಾದೇವ

Are you feeling the wind say ಮಾದೇವ

Are you running away say ಮಾದೇವ

Your hands tied too tight 

Wild and burning 

Just make the pain stop 

Now I know why

You stop and you listen 


Your angels are crying 


These people are wicked ಮಾದೇವ

They chop you to pieces 


ಮಾದೇವ, ಮಾದೇವ

ಮಾದೇವ, ಮಾದೇವ 

ಬಾ ಬಾ ಬಾ ಬಾ ಮಾದೇವ

ಬಾ ಬಾ ಬಾ ಮಾದೇವ

ಮಕ್ಕಳು ಜೋಪಾನ 


I am the trouble that 

Bubble inside your brain 

I am the hustle that

Make you push past the pain 

Iam the evil that break 

The peace of people 

The freedom that you be

Feeling after temptation defeat you

Either be or be killed 

That’s the law if the jungle 

Keep them eyes wide open 

Can’t sleep when they hunt you 

I do what I must do

Keep my spirit alive 

Fight with teeth and claw daily 

Hope my spirit survive 

Feel like a goddamn king now

Feel like a goddamn king


Feel like a goddamn king now 

Feel like a goddamn king now 

Gully gully 

Burning up the gully 

Bringing out the fire in my body

Need my ali ali

Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali, 

Comin up with magic 

Cause in need my Ali ali


I got you running back the other way dagaa

It doesn’t matter what the other say sazaa

Won’t see the light of another day

Now I know why

You stop and you listen 


Your angels are crying 


These people are wicked ಮಾದೇವ 

They chop you to pieces ಮಾದೇವ 

You stop and you listen 

You angels are crying 

These people are wicked 

They chop you to pieces 


I’m no stranger to the tough times ಮಾದೇವ

Broken dreams broken memories ಮಾದೇವ 

Broken promises ahead of me 

ಬಾ ಬಾ ಬಾ  ಮಾದೇವ

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